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  • Sheer luxury with home comforts and friendly service. Please note that our hotel has been sanitzed and declared clean from COVID-19.
  • World Class Hospitality and excellent service always.
  • We go the extra-mile to ensure your comfort and value for money.
  • A home away from home in the city.
  • Superior Accommodation and facilities, whilst maintaining a relaxed, homely ambiance.

We are one of the best lodges and conference venues in Sandton, South Africa. But don’t think for a moment that we are like the rest of the guesthouses in Johannesburg. Our genuine warm and welcoming nature sets us apart from everyone else.

From the first day we opened our doors, excellent service and sincerity have been at the heart of our business. As a result of this all our guests agree on one thing; Summerview is indeed a home away from home. Not only do we offer great accommodation options, but we have facilities to make your stay here easier.