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Our Facilities

We have world-class facilities on-site to ensure your comfort. We strive to live up to our promise of being a home away from home, offering you all the essential facilities and amenities you would have access to at home, and even more.

Our facilities Include:

Laundry Service

Running an establishment that promises to be a home away from home does not mean you must do all the mundane chores that you are typically inundated by at home. We offer a laundry service throughout the week so that you can focus on the reason for your travels. Whether you want to explore attractions in the area or attend meetings at close-by conference venues, we’ll take care of those mundane chores.

High Speed Wi-Fi Internet Connection

We live in the digital age where most of us rely on search engines to be our second brains. Not only do we use the internet for that, but we also use it to connect with our family, friends and business associates, that is why we offer a reliable internet connection in our facilities like the conference venues so that you are never disconnected from the outside world.

Credit facilities

For your convenience, we accept payments through credit cards. This is also for your safety, to deter criminals from breaking in as there is no cash kept on the premises.

Large swimming pool

Whether you enjoy a swim in the morning as part of your exercise routine or if you would like to cool down on a hot summer day, we have a large swimming pool on-site for your enjoyment.

Meals on Request

For your convenience and comfort, you will be able to order meals for breakfast on request. We have a team of qualified chefs who will cater to your every need and ensure that you are well taken care of, no matter your dietary requirements.

Private Conference Facilities

We have conference facilities on-site, making us a formidable private conference venue in Sandton. Our conference facilities are well-equipped  to ensure that your conferences and meetings go as planned. We can host up to 12 delegates in our facility. Our staff will be at hand, ready to help with whatever you may need in organising your conference.

Tropical Gardens

What would a home away from home be without a beautiful garden? We have a beautiful garden with exotic and indigenous plants, and water features with fish ponds for tranquil strolls along the garden.

Indoor/Outdoor Bistro

We have a bistro at the poolside where you can dine indoors or outdoors according to your preference as you enjoy the beautiful view. Dinner does not have to be a glum occasion.